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icon_papar A quantitative description of NMDA receptor-channel kinetic behavior 
Jahr CE , Stevens CF
J Neurosci 1990 ;10 (6) :1830-1837
icon_book Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology 
Constance Hammond
icon_book Cellular Biophysics, Vol. 1: Transport 
Thomas F. Weiss
icon_book Cellular Biophysics, Vol. 2: Electrical Properties 
Thomas F. Weiss
icon_book Computational neuroscience 
Erik De Schutter
icon_papar Dendritic attenuation of synaptic potentials in the CA1 region of rat hippocampal slices detected with an optical method. 
Inoue M , Hashimoto Y , Kudo Y , Miyakawa H
Eur J Neurosci 2001 ;13 (9) :1711-21 [PMID: 11359523]
icon_data Dendritic attenuation of synaptic potentiation in hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons 
INOUE Masashi . MIYAKAWA Hiroyoshi
icon_papar Dendritic coincidence detection of EPSPs and action potentials. 
Stuart GJ , Hausser M
Nat Neurosci 2001 ;4 (1) :63-71 [PMID: 11135646]
icon_papar Dendritic spikes are enhanced by cooperative network activity in the intact hippocampus. 
Kamondi A , Acsady L , Buzsaki G
J Neurosci 1998 ;18 (10) :3919-28 [PMID: 9570819]
icon_papar Direction selectivity of synaptic potentials in simple cells of the cat visual cortex 
Jagadeesh B. , Wheat H. S. , Kontsevich L. L. , Tyler C. W. , Ferster D.
J. Neurophysiology 1997 ;78 :2772-2789
icon_book Foundations of Cellular Neurophysiology 
Daniel Johnston . Samuel Miao-Sin Wu
icon_book G Protein-Coupled Receptors 
Tatsuya Haga . Gabriel Berstein . Gabriel Bernstein
icon_book G-Protein Linked Receptor Factsbook 
Steve Watson . Steve Arkinstall
icon_papar Glutamate activates multiple single channel conductances in hippocampal neurons 
Jahr CE , Stevens CF
Nature 1987 ;325 (6104) :522-525
icon_book Guidebook to the Small Gtpases (The Guidebook Series) 
Marino Zerial . Lukas A. Huber . Huber Zerial
icon_book Immunobiology 
Charles Janeway . Et Al . Mark Walport
icon_model Ionic current models of Kenyon cell 
Hidetoshi Ikeno . Shiro Usui
icon_papar Mathematical description of ionic current of the Kenyon cell in the mushroom body of honeybee 
H. Ikeno , S. Usui
Neurocomputing 1999 ;26 (27) :177-184
icon_model NEURON scripts for "Dendritic attenuation of synaptic potentials in the CA1region of rat hippocampal slices detected with an optical method" 
INOUE Masashi
icon_url Plot synaptic potentiation in hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons on VSS (Miyakawa) 
Link to http://simulation.visiome.neuroinf.jp/modules/visiomeSS/?s=miyakawa2
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