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icon_model AMPA receptor channel kinetics in cerebellar Purkinje cell 
Ichikawa K
icon_papar Compartmental model of vertebrate motoneurons for Ca2+-dependent spiking and plateau potentials under pharmacological treatment. 
Booth V , Rinzel J , Kiehn O
J Neurophysiol 1997 ;78 (6) :3371-85 [PMID: 9405551]
icon_model Ionic Current Model of Fish Retinal Horizontal Cell 
Kamiyama Y . Aoyama T
icon_papar Localization of Activated Ca2+/calmodulin- Dependent Protein kinase II within a spine: Modeling and computer simulation 
Ichikawa K
Neurocomputing 2003 ;0
icon_url Simulation of AMPA receptor channel kinetics on VSS (Ichikawa) 
Link to http://simulation.visiome.neuroinf.jp/modules/visiomeSS/?s=ichikawa
icon_model Spatio-temporal dynamics of CaMKII in a spine 
Ichikwa K

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