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Prof. Amari's Selected Papers 
These are collections of papers written by Prof. Amari related to the mathematical aspects of brain science. These collections include the earliest works of Prof. Amari during the time when ANN theories were still in its infancy up to his recent works. As one of the pioneers in the field of ANN, reading Prof. Amari's list of papers will provide valuable information and insights into the historical development of ANN and its future directions.
icon_papar Realization of a neural network model neocognitron on a hypercube parallel computer 
Ito Takayuki , Fukushima Kunihiko , Miyake Sei
Journal of High Speed Computing 1990 ;2 (1) :1-16
icon_papar Recognition and segmentation of connected characters with selective attention 
Fukushima Kunihiko , Imagawa Taro
Neural Networks 1993 ;6 (1) :33-41
icon_model Recognition and Segmentation of Connected Characters with Selective Attention --- Demonstration on SUN workstation 
Fukushima Kunihiko
icon_papar Restoring partly occluded patterns: a neural network model. 
Fukushima K
Neural networks : the official journal of the International Neural Network Society 2005 ;18 (1) :33-43 [PMID: 15649660]
icon_papar Roles of visual experience and intrinsic mechanism in the activity-dependent self-organization of orientation maps: theory and experiment 
Shigeru Tanaka , Masanobu Miyashita , Jerome Ribot
Neural Networks 2004 ;17 (8) :1363-1375 [PMID: 15555871]
icon_model Selective Attention Model on SUN workstation 
Fukushima Kunihiko
icon_model Self-organization of geniculo-cortical inputs 
TANAKA Shigeru . MIYASHITA Masanobu
icon_papar Self-organization of orientation sensitive cells in the striate cortex. 
von der Malsburg C
Kybernetik 1973 ;14 (2) :85-100 [PMID: 4786750]
icon_papar Self-organizing neural network model of motion processing in the visual cortex during smooth pursuit. 
Furman M , Gur M
Vision Res 2003 ;43 (20) :2155-71 [PMID: 12855251]
icon_book Shinkeikairo to Johoshori , (written in Japanese) (Neural Networks and Information Processing) 
Fukushima Kunihiko
icon_papar Spatial phase properties of simple cells and their related cortical columns in the primary visual cortex: Model study. 
Miyashita M. , Tanaka S.
Neuroscience Research (Suppl.) 2000 ;24 :S72
icon_book Theoretical Neuroscience: Computational and Mathematical Modeling of Neural Systems 
Peter Dayan . L.F. Abbott
icon_papar Topographic independent component analysis. 
Hyvarinen A , Hoyer PO , Inki M
Neural Comput 2001 ;13 (7) :1527-58 [PMID: 11440596]
icon_papar Use of different thresholds in learning and recognition 
Fukushima Kunihiko , Tanigawa Masashi
Neurocomputing 1996 ;11 (1) :1-17
icon_papar What is a role of visual experience for the development of cortical receptive fields and columns? -Theoretical study- 
M. Miyashita , S. Tanaka
Neuroscience Research (suppl.) 1999 ;23 :S218
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