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icon_papar A mathematical model for the self-organization of orientation columns in visual cortex. 
M. Miyashita , S. Tanaka
NeuroReport 1992 ;3 :625-640
icon_book A Model for Activity Dependent Pattern Formation of Ocular Dominance Columns and Cytochrome Oxidase Blobs in the Primary Visual Cortex 
Hayato Nakagama . Shigeru Tanaka
icon_papar A model for the formation of orientation columns. 
Swindale NV
Proc R Soc Lond B Biol Sci 1982 ;215 (1199) :211-30 [PMID: 6127704]
icon_papar A multi-layer sparse coding network learns contour coding from natural images. 
Hoyer PO , Hyvarinen A
Vision Res 2002 ;42 (12) :1593-605 [PMID: 12074953]
icon_papar A neural network for visual pattern recognition 
Fukushima Kunihiko
IEEE Computer 1988 ;21 (3) :65-75
icon_data A neural network model for a mechanism of visual pattern recognition -- Neocognitron -- 
Kunihiko FUKUSHIMA . Sei MIYAKE . Takayuki ITO
icon_papar A neural network model for selective attention in visual pattern recognition 
Fukushima Kunihiko
Biological Cybernetics 1986 ;55 (1) :5-15
icon_papar A neural network model for the mechanism of feature extraction: a self-organizing network with feedback inhibition 
Miyake Sei , Fukushima Kunihiko
Biological Cybernetics 1984 ;50 (5) :377-384
icon_papar A self-organization model for disparity-selective simple cells 
M. Miyahsita , S. Tanaka
Neurosci Reserch (suppl.) 2001 ;25 :S114
icon_papar A self-organizing neural network with a function of associative memory: Feedback-type cognitron 
Fukushima Kunihiko , Miyake Sei
Biological Cybernetics 1978 ;28 (4) :201-208
icon_papar A two-layer sparse coding model learns simple and complex cell receptive fields and topography from natural images. 
Hyvarinen A , Hoyer PO
Vision Res 2001 ;41 (18) :2413-23 [PMID: 11459597]
icon_papar Analysis of the process of visual pattern recognition by the neocognitron 
Fukushima Kunihiko
Neural Networks 1989 ;2 (6) :413-420
icon_url Biological Neural Network (BNN) Toolbox for MATLAB 
Link to http://www.ymer.org/main.htm
icon_papar Cognitron: A self-organizing multilayered neural network 
Fukushima Kunihiko
Biological Cybernetics 1975 ;20 :121-136
icon_papar Computational subunits of visual cortical neurons revealed by artificial neural networks. 
Lau B , Stanley GB , Dan Y
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2002 ;99 (13) :8974-9 [PMID: 12060706]
icon_book Effects of Chronic Exposure to a Single Orientation on the Development of Orientation Preference Map 
S. Tanaka . J. Ribot . K. Imamura
icon_papar Emergence of phase- and shift-invariant features by decomposition of natural images into independent feature subspaces. 
Hyvarinen A , Hoyer P
Neural Comput 2000 ;12 (7) :1705-20 [PMID: 10935923]
icon_book Experience-dependent self-organization of visual cortical receptive fields and maps 
M. Miyashita . S. Tanaka
icon_papar Facilitation of saccade initiation by brainstem cholinergic system. 
Kobayashi Y , Saito Y , Isa T
Brain Dev 2001 ;23 :S24-7 [PMID: 11738837]
icon_papar From basic network principles to neural architecture: emergence of orientation-selective cells. 
Linsker R
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 1986 ;83 (21) :8390-4 [PMID: 3464958]
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