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Title How to see a photo more stereoscopically.
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Description As a preparation, superimpose fine vertical gratings to a photo with a blurred background ("bokeh") and move them horizontally back and forth.
When you swing your head in synchronization with the gratings' oscillation, you are supposed to have an enhanced feeling of depth in the photo.
Date Jan 10, 2018
Last Modified Date Mar 2, 2018 20:15:23
Created Date Jan 10, 2018 08:20:21
Contributor midori takashima (jade)
Item Type Stimulus
Change Log(History)
Mar 2, 2018 Modified; Index.
Jan 10, 2018 Modified; Index.
Stimulus type Other
Junji Yanagi
Stimulus file 2017 第9回 錯視・錯聴コンテスト 応募作品 「写真をより立体的に見る方法」(千葉大学文学部 柳 淳二).pptx
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