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Title Orbison illusion
Free Keywords orbison illusion, concentric circles, object distortion
Description An Orbison illusion is an optical illusion where straight lines appear distorted. There are several variants of the Orbison illusion. Orbison explained these illusions with the theory that fields of force were created in the perception of the background patterns (‘shape as a function of the vector field’, Orbison 1939). He suggested three types of background patterns: radiating lines, concentric circles and pattern of angles. Any line that intersected these fields would be subsequently distorted in a predictable way. If the square is superposed on the pattern of radiating lines or pattern of angles, it appears to bulge. The image we present here shows a square and a triangle superposed on the background pattern of concentric circles. The sides of the square or triangle appear to be bent inward in the case when the center of concentric circles remains inside the area of the square or triangle. If objects are moved to the left or to the right so the center of concentric circles remains outside of the square/triangle area, the sides of the triangle or the square now appear to bulge (to be distorted outward).
This is dynamic drag-and-drop flash application which allows user to move the square/triangle across the surface. Press and hold down the button on the mouse to "grab" the square/triangle, and drag the object to the desired location. "Drop" the square/triangle by releasing the button. If the square/triangle is moved to an adjacent white surface, we can see that the square/triangle is not distorted.

The zip file contains Adobe Illustrator file, jpg image and drag and drop flash app.
Date Oct 12, 2011
Last Modified Date Oct 12, 2011 13:38:51
Created Date Oct 12, 2011 13:38:51
Contributor Stevanov (Jasmina)
Item Type Stimulus
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Stimulus type Picture
Jasmina Stevanov
Stimulus file Orbison illusion with square and triangle drag and drop.zip
Type : application/x-zip Download
Size : 2.6 MB
Last updated : Oct 12, 2011
Downloads : 9

Total downloads since Oct 12, 2011 : 9
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License
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