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Title visual phantoms (stationary phantoms)
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Description When a dark-to-light luminance grating is occluded by a dark occluder, the dark regions of the grating appear to cross in front of the occluder.
This illusion was first discovered by Rosenbach (1902) and developed by Tynan and Sekuler (1975) as ‘moving phantoms’ because of its strong dependence on motion. It was later revealed that phantoms can be generated by flickering the grating (flickering phantoms) (Genter and Weisstein, 1981) as well as by low-luminance stationary gratings under dark adaptation (stationary phantoms) (Gyoba 1983). Moreover, we found that dark adaptation is not necessary for stationary phantoms, because many people see stationary phantoms in photopic vision when inducing gratings are of low spatial frequency and of low contrast.
This image was drawn by Akiyoshi Kitaoka in 2007.
Date Apr 29, 2008
Last Modified Date Apr 29, 2008 14:02:43
Created Date Apr 29, 2008 14:02:43
Contributor Akiyoshi Kitaoka (akitaoka)
Item Type Stimulus
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Stimulus type Picture
Akiyoshi Kitaoka
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Last updated : Apr 29, 2008
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