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Title Neocognitron for 3D object view recognition simulator written by C language
Free Keywords Neocognitron, 3d-object recognition
Description We develop a neocognitron simulator to treat 3-dimensional object image. This package includes a simple code written by C language. This package may be carried out multi-platform with X11 window system, such that Linux, MacOSX (with Darwin X), Cygwin with X11.
Last Modified Date Nov 9, 2007 00:51:51
Created Date Nov 8, 2007 22:38:08
Contributor Hayaru Shouno (shouno)
Item Type Model
Change Log(History)
Nov 9, 2007 Modified; Index.
Nov 8, 2007 Modified; Readme, Rights.
Nov 8, 2007 Modified; Comment, Title.
Model type OriginalProgram
Trainging Neocognitron with 3D object
Trainging Neocognitron with 3D object
Online Simulation [BUTTON]
Model file Neocog20071109.tar.gz
Type : application/x-gzip Download
Size : 378.9 KB
Last updated : Nov 8, 2007
Downloads : 676

Total downloads since Nov 8, 2007 : 676
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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks 1991 ;2 (3) :355-365
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