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PubMedID 9307134
Title Spatiotemporal receptive field organization in the lateral geniculate nucleus of cats and kittens.
Free Keywords LGN, lagged cell, nonlagged cell, temporal phase shift, Analysis of Variance, Brain Mapping/*methods, Cats, Geniculate Bodies/cytology/growth & development/*physiology, Neurons/*physiology, Time Factors, Visual Fields/*physiology
Description This paper says that the difference between the temporal responses of lagged and nonlagged LGN cells can be characterized as a temporal phase shift.
Last Modified Date Feb 17, 2004 03:37:57
Created Date Aug 20, 2003 05:44:50
Contributor Hiroaki OKAMOTO (okamoto)
Item Type Paper
Change Log(History)
Cai D
DeAngelis GC
Freeman RD
Journal J Neurophysiol
Publication Year 1997
Volume 78
Number 2
Page 1045-61
/ Public / Visiome 2004 / Visual System / Visual Pathway / LGN
/ Public / Visiome 2004 / Visual System / Visual Pathway / LGN / Cell Type
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