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言語 英語
タイトル BioMed Laboratory Portal Server: XAMPP+XOOPS+PubMedPDF+Wiki (Japanese versions)
フリーキーワード PubMedPDF, XAMPP, MySQL, PHP, XOOPS, PukiWiki, iPapers
概要 For now, only MacOS X packages configured for the Japanse and English languages are available as separate installer packages. See the bottom of this page for download links.

It may take 3 min or so before the download process to begin for some reason. Please wait for a few minutes, and do not click on the download link multiple times. If you have problems downloading from this site, please try a mirror archive at the URL shown above.

English Package for MacOS X: PMpdf-XAMPP-Wiki-Mac-E0.80.dmg
Japanese Package for MacOS X: PMpdf-XAMPP-Wiki-Mac-J0.80.dmg

This package contains an all-in-one package for a set of software for internal use by a typical bio-med research laboratory. The package includes a web-based database server for managing PubMed-indexed journal PDF files, along with a lab-wide Wiki. PubMedPDF/XOOPS allows browsing of the PDF reprint database by author names, journals. In addition, keyword search of title and abstract words as well as author names is possible by MySQL behind the web inter
日付 Aug 16, 2005
最終更新日 Feb 8, 2007 15:53:28
作成日 Aug 16, 2005 14:56:19
登録者 Ohzawa Lab (ohzawa-lab)
アイテムタイプ Tool
Feb 8, 2007 Modified; Index, Readme.
Feb 15, 2006 Modified; Title, Preview, Tool type, Developer, Readme, Rights.
Jan 23, 2006 Modified; Title, Comment, Language, Tool type, Developer, Readme, Rights, Tool file.
ファイルタイプ Other
Nishioka T
Ikeno H
Ohzawa I
Original Authors of Components
ファイル PMpdf-XAMPP-Wiki-Mac-J0.80.dmg
Type : application/octet-stream Download
Size : 56.2 MB
Last updated : Sep 30, 2006
Downloads : 45

Total downloads since Aug 16, 2005 : 45
/ Public / Visiome 2004 / Tools & Techniques
/ Public / Tool
icon_tool iPapers - MacOS X application for downloading and managing journal PDF files 
icon_url English Version: XAMPP+XOOPS+PubMedPDF+PukiWiki: BioMed Lab Portal Package 
Link to https://platform.visiome.org/detail.root.app?key=9129
icon_tool BioMed Laboratory Portal Server: XAMPP+XOOPS+PubMedPDF+Wiki (English versions) 

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