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Welcome to Visiome Platform !

This site has been archived since FY2019 and is no longer updated.

Visiome Platform is a web-based database system with a variety of digital research resources in Vision Science. This platform provides several types of contents, such as Experimental data, Mathematical model, Illusion stimulus, Analytical tools. Archive files may be written in any formats and may include explanatory figures, program sources, readme files, and other related files. The readme file describes the purpose and usage of the archive file. This platform provides a data sharing framework, and thus, users can improve the reproducibility of simulations. Users can also browse the platform contents via branch sites (A catalogue of illusions, Visitope, Visiome Channel), which introduce user friendly view of items such as basic images and original artworks of visual illusions with high resolution. The items in Visiome Platform are useful not only for reproducing the published results, but also for advancing and expanding the research in Vision Science.

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